About  company

Nanjing Cetu Surveying Instrument Co., Ltd. was established in 2015, formerly known as Nanjing Jingwei Surveying Instrument Sales and Service Center (established in 1992), which was originally an external sales and service platform directly under the Nanjing Surveying Instrument Factory(a famous surveying instruments factory in China).


Our company focuses on the development, promotion and application of surveying and mapping instruments and technologies, Providing the service of wholesale, sales, maintenance, verification, technical consultation, GIS development, etc. and provide complete surveying equipment and technical support for construction, geology, ocean, agriculture, forestry, land, electricity, water conservancy, transportation, municipal, mining, mapping and education systems.


Our company takes professional surveying and mapping products as the main direction, operating satellite global positioning technology (GPS), drones, total stations, rangefinders, theodolites, levels, walkie-talkies, etc., and cooperates with many imported brands such as Nikon, Trimble, etc. In addition, our company has signed the agency distribution rights of well-known domestic brands such as FOIF, Kolida, Hi-target, and Unistrong. Our company has a maintenance center and a verification service station, and we will do our best to provide professional services for customers.



In addition to product equipment, our company also provides surveying, mapping and measurement services and industry solutions. The scope includes:

1.Geodetic survey: satellite positioning survey, leveling survey, triangulation, geodetic survey data processing;

2.Surveying and mapping aerial photography: general aerial photography, unmanned aerial vehicle aerial photography; photogrammetry and remote sensing;

3.Geographic information system engineering: geographic information data collection, geographic information data processing, geographic information system and database construction, geographic information software development;

4.Engineering surveying: control surveying, topographic surveying, planning surveying, construction engineering surveying, deformation and precision surveying, municipal engineering surveying, hydraulic engineering surveying, line and bridge and tunnel surveying, underground pipeline surveying, mine surveying;

5.Real estate surveying and mapping: cadastral surveying and mapping, real estate surveying and mapping, administrative area boundary surveying and mapping;

6.Oceanographic surveying and mapping: sea area ownership surveying and mapping, coastal topographic surveying, bathymetric surveying, hydrological observation, marine engineering surveying, sea sweeping surveying, depth reference surveying, nautical chart compilation;

7.Map preparation: topographic maps, electronic maps, true three-dimensional maps, and other special maps.


At the same time, our company combines new technologies and equipment, such as laser scanning technology and UAV photogrammetry technology, to effectively and quickly obtain 3D real-world data in indoor and outdoor spaces, and provide a variety of data processing results to meet different applications. field. Such as: smart city 3D map, traffic planning and design, mine monitoring, real estate measurement, indoor 3D map, underground space planning and census, ancient building protection, asset management, construction progress management, etc.


Over the years, while the scale of production and operation has continued to expand, our company has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many enterprises; established high-quality credit, good reputation in the surveying and mapping industry. Besides, our company also have won various awards from the industry and manufacturers, such as "Top 100 Integrity Distributors", "Outstanding Partner", "Sales Elite Award", etc.



Current agent:

FOIF: General agent of Jiangsu Province
Hi-Target : General agent of Jiangsu Province
Trimble: (C-series and S-series optics, TA, TBC software)
CHCNAV: (Sinov M series) General agent of Jiangsu Province
Qianxun Location: Platinum Distributor
SOUTH: General agent of Jiangsu Province
Kolida: General agent of Jiangsu Province


Others: DJI, Leica, Topcon, Nikon, Pentax, SOUTH, Maxtor and other products. 



Core values

Integrity, responsibility, professionalism and innovation


Business philosophy

Excellent quality and fine pursuit


Enterprise vision

Lead the development of the industry with our technology, innovation and quality, and serve various composite hose application markets around the world



Our company focuses on the development, promotion and application of surveying and mapping instruments and technologies, Providing the service of wholesale, sales, maintenance, verification, technical consultation, GIS development, etc.